Why I’m Still Not Married

I have been dating for close to four years now, but I have not decided to make that one important step to get married. I have plans to marry in the future; however, there are some things, which are still holding me back from revealing my dream. Here are the reasons why I am still single and dating but not married.

I’m not ready to take the responsibility in marriage
I do know that marriage is something demanding meaning when I marry, things will change. Marriage requires that I commit yourself to family life, which means coming home early so that I spend time with my spouse and children. I still feel that it is probably not the right time for me to indulge in this kind of life.

My finances aren’t sufficient
As though finance is the key determinant for marrying, this misconception has kept me away from marrying. Every time I think about marriage, what crosses my mind is the financial burden that comes with it. Meeting the daily expenses such as food, clothing, fun, and school has created fear in me, something that has resulted in delays in marrying.

Still want to have fun and freedom
Getting into family life will mean that I have to do away with some of the fun experiences in used to indulge in when single. I don’t feel like I can abandon that freedom of being single and choosing what is right or wrong for me without someone else putting pressure on me. Therefore, I have decided to remain single but continue dating until that time I will be ready for marriage.

Not quite sure if my fiancé can make the right wife
While I have been dating, I don’t know if my fiancé is the right person for me to marry. I am looking for specific qualities and still finding out whether we can cope with each other’s weaknesses. I need someone who is intelligent, confident, spiritual and of good character.

My final thought is that despite my fears and delay in marrying, I am now prepared to take the responsibility that comes with marriage. I have started saving money and building my finances so that when finally we tie the knot, it will be a bit easier for us to survive. Today, I have changed my perception about marriage and feel that I don’t have to wait longer. The earlier we get started, the easier we are able to plan for our marriage.