Why I Learned To Do Things On My Own

There is a negative stigma placed on people who appear to be leading a solitary life. However, there is a difference between solitude and loneliness. I tend to feel that you don’t have to be in company of other people or do things others are doing. Thomas Edison quotes that “The best thinking has been done in solitude” and I tend to agree with that.  Sometimes, I don’t need to be influenced by others; I can do things my own way.

Solitude has taught me how to make my own decisions, do what I like alone without involving other people, and think by myself. When I used to have friends and spent much of my time with them, I realized that I was not only being influenced in making decisions but also indulged in activities that were costly for me to bear. Today, I have chose to do things my own way without involving others and here are the reasons.

It makes me think clearly
When I involve other people in making decisions, I often end up being influenced and probably convinced that I should do something different and not the way I feel. While there is nothing wrong with seeking the help of others especially when you are overwhelmed by something or a troubling issue, some things only need  you to have clear focus and thinking, and you will be able to arrive at a decision which is concise, solid, and at the best interest of your life.

Without distraction, you can think how you want to do things and no other person can influence you.  Jim Rohn, an entrepreneur who rose from rags to riches said that a person is the average of five people he or she spends most time with. Whether we realize it or not, there is much influence from other people we relate with.

Solitude improves my emotional and mental wellbeing
Taking some time alone helps me meditate and think about solutions to my problems. It is the best way I can improve myself in emotional and mental wellbeing. Spending some time together helps me relieve stress, enhance creativity, and improve focus as well as memory. When I’m stressed of work, I take time to be alone somewhere. It helps me recover and feel refreshed or free of stress.

Helps develop my own interests
Sometimes, I only feel that I have to do things other people are doing whether they are interesting to me or not. This has caused me to be carried away in thoughts and probably engage in unpleasant activities. When I take time to be alone, I tend to develop interests that are different from those of other people. This makes me happier than the times I spend with my friends.

It saves me money
Being in company of other people causes me to spend more than I planned for. They will call me to go out when I don’t feel like. Since I don’t want to fail them, I have to cut short my other schedules and go hanging out. What I have realized is that the moment I have time with friends, I’m influenced to spend more. When I go out alone, I spend little than when with my friends.

I have learned to cope with what other people say about being alone. I know that when other people see me walking around on my own or eating a meal in a restaurant alone, they get the impression that something is wrong. Some of the best decisions in my life I have made them alone without the help of other people. From the time I started doing things my own way; I have realized positive changes in my life.