Top Cities With Successful Marriage Rates

The short answer is, Yes! There are so many nuance factors that have bearing on your social interactions that they boggle the mind! No matter! We will break them all down and give you a fighting chance! Before we enter into the world of raw statistics, let’s look at things from a common sense point of view. If you live in a rural area, let’s say, out on a farm, you are surely going to meet far less people than you would in a bustling urban area.

How might this affect your likelihood of getting married? Surprisingly, not that much! Please entertain the possibility that you may meet a lesser number of potential mates out there in the woods, but your individual desires do not appreciably wane, ergo your mating desire remains strong, perhaps even stronger than an environment where you might meet hundreds of potential mates everyday!

There are potential pitfalls when attempting to calculate where the most marriages take place. If you just looked at issuing marriage licenses you might get a false positive for places like Niagara Falls or Las Vegas. Now, you might think that there is a correlation between the areas of the country where relationships form the fastest and the marriage rate. Let’s take a look!

According to Facebook, the top ten cities where relationships form the fastest is 1) Colorado Springs, 2) El Paso, 3) Louisville, 4) Fort Worth, 5) San Antonio, 6) Oklahoma City, 7) Indianapolis, 8) Tucson, 9) Cincinnati and 10) Phoenix. O.K., does that really mean that these are the placed where you are more likely to get married? Not so fast! The U.S. Census Bureau says that the top cities for married people are Gilbert, AZ, Naperville, IL, Plano, TX, Simi Valley, CA and Corona, CA! Now, that’s way different from where the relationships start isn’t it? There’s also the various disparity in U.S. cities between the ratio of men to women.

As you would guess, if you’re a single young man and looking for a woman, you might want to travel to an area where there are more women than men. Conversely, if you’re a single young girl and you want to meet a man, you will probably want to visit a place where men are abounding. Men and women seem to look for different kinds of qualities with respect to each other.

Did you know that for most single young women, the quality they care most about in a prospective man is whether or not he has a good job? Now if this doesn’t have your head spinning yet, consider that cities with the highest divorce rates also affect the marriage situation. It’s logical to expect more available women when the pool is widened by either divorce or the death of their spouse (careful, you could be next!) Wow! Now, depending on your age, you can also demographically target U.S. cities by seniors if such was your preference. All the cougars will be glad you did! It might be a good time for you to review the ten cities above where relationships happen the fastest again.

So, how does this all pan out and where should you move if you want to get married? Answer: You should meet your future spouse in Colorado Springs, get married in Vegas, move to Gilbert Arizona and if you have to, go back to Vegas for your divorce! Don’t forget! You’re going to need a good job to pay for it all!