Things I Like To Do For Fun Around Chicago

Having fun and enjoying myself allows me to take away stress and revitalize my body and mind. While my paycheck can allow me to indulge in expensive leisure activities, on the other hand, I do understand that I need to save money. Every single dollar I save whether in grocery purchases, a discounted electronic product, purchase of used equipment, or taking inexpensive leisure activity contributes towards my savings kit. Here are some of the cheap leisure activities I can do around Chicago, and they save me a considerable amount of money.

Visiting Chicago Cultural Center
A visit to Chicago Cultural Center does not cost me a lot. Chicago Cultural Center is an active, ongoing civic project that hosts hundreds of performances free of charge. It is located near Millennium Park and has become a stable of young adult life. Often, we take time together with my fiancé to visit this center for great entertainment and learning.

Watching animals at Lincoln Park Zoo
I love watching animals and my visits to Lincoln Park Zoo have been so fascinating. It’s a serene environment located in a decidedly urban neighborhood and it is free for entry every day. However, many sections of this zoo are open part of the day and therefore, I make sure to check the exhibit closures before I make my trip. I also make a point to visit Lincoln Park Conservatory while in this park.

Window shopping at Michigan Avenue
When I feel like enjoying some inexpensive dining options or happy hours with my friends and fiancé, the Magnificent Mile is the place I head. I can comfortably window shop at Michigan Avenue for Midwestern style. A box of Frango Mints, the Chicago’s de facto signature taste makes my fun experience even more exciting.

Having Frank Lloyd Wright Tours
When I am at Midwest, my trip is not complete without having a sight on the iconic architect’s creations. The Frank Lloyd Wright Tour will immerse me in a fun-filled moment as I’m taken through the architectural creations courtesy of the foundation. I can even see some homes on my own.

Making the climb
Chicago is home to some of the nation’s tallest buildings. In fact, three of the five tallest buildings in the nation are housed in Chicago. These including Trump Tower, Aon Center, and Sears Tower. It is a great adventure for me to make the climb in these buildings. The buildings are open to the public but for a fee.

Chicago hosts events throughout the year. These festivals are organized by community organizations and parishes. You will barely find a week without something to enjoy. I am sure find festivals I’m interested in and make the point of visiting the venues to see for myself.

My experience is that, I don’t have to spend a lot if I want to have fun around Chicago. There are plenty of things and activities to indulge in ranging from wildlife watching to window shopping and dining in the city.