The Expenses Of Living In Chicago

If you’re starting up on the dating scene in Chicago for the first time, you should know up front that Chicago is over 15% LESS expensive to date and conduct social activities in than New York City, so I guess we can be grateful for that! In fact, by almost every metric, Chicago is mostly the same cost or less than most American cities. While a date can take many forms, nightlife activity is the mainstay of dating, at least at first. Chicago is an historic and culturally rich place. This plethora of 21st Century amenities means you don’t have to travel far to find almost anything you could ever want.

Perhaps no where is Chicago’s diversity more evident than when it comes to food. Fine dining is usually a safe bet when you go out on a first date and beyond. You will have much research to do because there are literally thousands of great places to go! The price of a three course, sit down meal with your girl will set you back on average $67. If your date is more about seeing a ball game or attending a show, you might want to consider eating on the run and that’s another place Chicago excels. You have arguably the broadest range of choices on Earth. Chicago is of course famous for it’s hot dogs. The hot dog carts came into vogue from the depression days when it was a way to get a hot meal on the cheap. Today, the gourmet version will set you back about $5 on the street and a little more in the ball park. Deep dish pizza is another Chicago mainstay and yes, they can be had for under $20. There are many more street delights, too many to mention here.

There are plenty of people who love living in and nearby the downtown metroplex. For a good portion of them, having a car and all the expenses surrounding it’s ownership, like paying for a parking spot 365-days a year, make owning a car undesirable. When dating, a taxi is the prime transportation mode downtown and in Chicago, you’ll find that the first part of your short taxi ride is the most expensive, even more than most cities. That folks, is a good reason to put the Uber app on your phone!

Enjoy yourself! You’re in a great city and you’re going to have some great experiences here!