How I Date On A Budget

I love dating my fiancé but it has been a hard time for me especially when it comes to planning for my financial life. I don’t want to spend a lot of money so that I impress my girlfriend. While I have a stable job with a good paycheck, our dating lifestyle has been a big burden to me in the past. Nearly, a quarter of my salary has been going to fun and enjoyment we have during our dating experiences. While I feel the pinch, I have not been able to desist the urge to date because it drains away stress, makes us happy, and allows us discover ourselves. Recently, we however realized that if we are going to lead this kind of dating lifestyle; we may not have a bright future. Here is what we have done to date on a budget.

Reducing the frequency of dating
We do not have to date every other day of the week. We have instead come up with a schedule of dating times when we can spend time together. This also allows me to accomplish other personal and work related activities. I can also meet my friends and socialize in a free atmosphere where I am not influenced by the presence of my fiancé. The reduced number of dating has seen us cut back on the cost, which I can put towards savings and preparing for our marriage.

Sometimes we spend time at home
A date does not necessary need to be a night out. Sometimes, we take time to visit other places and have fun, however, I found that we can still share our intimacy and love just from my house. Going out almost always comes with temptations to spend more. No matter how much  we tend to pretend, we always end up spending more. When we have time at home with my girlfriend, we don’t incur a lot of cost.

Identified inexpensive ways of dating
Even when we go out for a date, we don’t need to spend too much money. Together with my girlfriend, we have identified dating activities, which save us money. We attend free outdoor concerts or have a picnic where we take with us food prepared from the house. We spend time together in sports activities such as jogging in a park, playing tennis, or shooting some baskets. These activities not only keep us fit but also save money.

Dating has been a great a way to enjoy myself; however, despite the temptations to spend more, we have been able to reduce the cost associated with the dates. We can have fun, share our intimate relationship and find out more about our qualities without having to put a dent in our pockets.  We have learned that a happy dating experience does not need to be an expensive one. With a few dollars, we can have a fulfilling dating adventure that helps us nurture our relationship as we look forward to marrying some time in the future.