Drama Queen or Hypochondriac?

Are you a drama queen or a hypochondriac? It depends who you ask, and what you’re asking them about. We all know that little drama queen in life who just seems to want to cry wolf at the first sign of trouble. Some women are always in drama and some women are genuinely concerned about the state of their health. It’s hard to decide which one is prevailing.


So, what’s it all about?


Does it Relate to Illness?


Drama queens will complain about everything and anything at any given time. It doesn’t matter whether that girl at work has a new boyfriend or whether the next-door neighbor looks like they might be talking about you behind your back. This is the essence of what a drama queen is and this has nothing to do with hypochondria.


If you’re always thinking that you might be sick, then it could have something to do with hypochondria. Remember that hypochondriacs always think they’re sick, but it doesn’t mean they make a big deal out of every little thing.


Sometimes You Can Have Both


There’s nothing to stop you from having both. There are plenty of women who have a problem with both. A drama queen will look at a mole on her leg and make a big deal about it to her husband. But a hypochondriac will think it’s a tumor and demand that they see a doctor for it.


It’s a subtle difference and you can have both. But while you may be able to find an outlet for your hypochondria you probably can’t pick up a book to help you deal with being a drama queen.


I Told You So!


Yes, you have head lice! That’s the event the hypochondriac will always remember when someone questions whether they have a problem. Head lice are itchy and they feel gross because you essentially have bugs crawling around under your hair.


Those few instances where a fear turns out to be true serve as the lightning beacon to fuel all other instances of hypochondria.


But What if a Doctor Gave a Diagnosis?


Hypochondriacs have a real mental illness and it can be diagnosed by a doctor. Drama queens are diagnosed by society and it won’t get you any time off work or any pills to help you deal with it. If you think that you’re a hypochondriac, then go to a doctor and ask them to evaluate you.


They will usually refer you to a local lice specialist who will be able to tell you more about your condition and how to deal with it.


And if You’re Not a Hypochondriac?


That must make you a drama queen. Thankfully, if you examine your behavior you’ll realize that you can alter your ways. Take a few seconds to think about what you’re doing before you have an episode and look to release your emotions in a more positive (and less annoying) manner.


Do you think you’re a hypochondriac or do you think you’re a drama queen?