Causes Of Today’s High Divorce Rates

This last decade has been a tumultuous roller coaster ride for the economy and there seems to be a direct correlation with discontent among couples. Despite assertions to the contrary, there has been little recovery from the real estate bust in 2008 and many couples lost their houses, even everything they owned. It is not a good recipe for marital bliss. It’s a pretty well known fact that women prefer to seek out men who have a job. They gravitate towards financial stability. It stands to reason that financial instability would have the opposite effect on attraction and hence, enhance the chances of a divorce. If you quiz women about these kinds of things, they don’t really recite them as being high on the list. There’s a real chance that these powerful feelings, seeking a strong, financially secure relationship may be somewhat subconscious in nature.

So, let’s say you’re a guy on the dating scene and you’re keeping an eye out for Miss Right along the way. Let’s look at it from a few different angles. Let’s say that you have a killer job, a huge disposable income, a great car, a great apartment and plenty of spare time. When you’re out dating, you are exposing all these assets you have to your honey. Do you fear that she might perhaps have her affection for all your things more than she has for you? It’s a real possibility. If that’s the case, then you might be on the road to a marriage that leads to divorce where she will help you out by taking 50% of your things off your hands. So, should you be concealing your assets at the onset of your relationship to make sure she loves you for who you really are? Dishonesty or lies by omission are probably going to get you into equal trouble down the road. So, are there steps you can take to insulate yourself from problems?

The primary step is of course to not get married at all! If you’re not serious about seeking a wife, you will be the primary person to know that. You might want to meet a bunch of girls and not be in any rush at all but that’s not to say the girl your dating isn’t a wee bit more eager to tie the knot. Sometimes, try as you may, a marriage seems inevitable. Having children for example is a good reason to get married. In such situations, you can often benefit from creating a mutually agreeable prenuptial document. Is there a less cold-hearted manner by which you can reduce your future divorce? Consider that having your assets protected in a prenuptial might actually take the temptation of divorce out of your significant other’s quiver.

You could try better wife selection. Try to find somebody that works the same hours and makes the same money you do. Don’t rush into sexually charged relationships overnight. There are plenty of reasons to abide by that rule of conduct because you could end up with something permanent you really didn’t want. Of course if you’re going to do that, you might as well find somebody that enjoys the same things you do, shares the same goals, maybe even the same religion! Having at least a few mutual core items in common, liking the same music, the same foods, the same workout and other activities can go a long way! So remember, food might be a way to a man’s heart but you’re going to need a good job to pay for it!